OREGON EXPERIENCE: The Logger's Daughter

This program follows Gwen Trice, an African-American woman who was born and raised in Eastern Oregon, as she sets out to explore her family's past. PBS/OPB Documentary | 27m 16s

InSight OnSite - Oregon Timber Culture Documentary

A documentary about the Timber Culture traveling exhibit, made possible through a grant from the Wildhorse Foundation. 10:00 (cctvsalem, 2018)

My Journey on The Promise Road

Gwendolyn Trice takes us along on the journey in this Deep West Video that premiered at the 2009 National Cowboy Poetry Gathering. Length: 9:37 (2009, Gwendolyn Trice)

Maxville, Oregon - Past, Present, Future

Gwendolyn Trice tells the story of the Maxville Gathering. Length: 7:19 (2010, Gwendolyn Trice)

On to Higher Ground

3 songs/scenes from On to Higher Ground, a play inspired by historical Maxville research, transcripts and interviews produced and written by Marv Ross.

(The Making Of ) On To Higher Ground

A video by Gwen Trice about the making of the play On To Higher Ground.

Orvalla Hafer: Maxville Elder Interview

Orvalla Hafer: Maxville Elder Interview

Ada Metsopulos: Maxville Elder Interview

Ada Metsopulos: Maxville Elder Interview